IPANEX Unimörtel Rapid (mortar)

Product number: 85000-0004

Mortar for repairs in humid areas

Weight: 1 kg

IPANEX Unimörtel Rapid (mortar) is a sulphate-resistant, fast-setting, low-shrink repair mortar on a cement basis for the area of ​​moisture. Bodenbender Mortar is acc. DIN 19573 a WW masonry, joint, installation and repair mortar and classified as WW coating mortar DIN 19573 - B2 - XWW3.

It is suitable for repairing defects in concrete parts or pipes, manholes, sewage treatment plants, etc. in the damp area before surface sealing.


- adheres well to mineral substrates

- is highly sulfate resistant

- is fast setting

- does not attack structural steel (chloride-free)

- cures with low shrinkage

- is impermeable to water

- is acid/alkali resistant up to pH 3.5 and up to 11.0; short-term 2.0 - 12.0

- is chlorine-free